Redefining GST for your Business

We at GST DOST are redefining the way businesses manage GST along with related aspects! We represent the only GST consultants in India who help you on all the four central pillars of GST, i.e., Software, Consultancy, Support and Knowledge. Any company which uses software to automate GST related tasks has consultants taking care of emergencies have appropriate support and knowledge resources won't have to worry about anything related to GST!

We offer a plethora of services and support to each of our customers including Emergency Support in times of inspections, consistent knowledge of latest changes and support for every one of your confusion. We believe that all your focus and time should go into growing your Business while you forget about GST as your DOST is there for you at every moment. We make sure to maintain a holistic view at all your operations and requirements which provides you with peace of mind and leaves no scope of human or technical Error.

We assure you that this very moment will embark a new phase of tension-free automated operations in your Business!

GST Compliance "PRISM"

We understand your business, file returns, give reconciliation, review your books & records, inform you about corrective & preventive action to be taken, and also track Action Progress Chart so that you do business without fear of department. 


It will give a real-time GST Reports for all your multiple GSTN on a single DashBoard. It will do GSTR 2A reconciliation within a few minutes.  Mail to Vendor is possible about the mismatch. It will save your time and money. 


It generates E Way Bill, tracks or extend validity period, stores, and gives notifications and reports to management for action. It will also fetch real-time EWB data for all your GSTN on a click from EWB Portal. 


It is an online job tracking solution that makes us accountable and responsible. You do not need to come to our office or even talk over the phone to know about your pending work status or to exchange data or information. 
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Our Vision And Mission

"Be a tursted and respected professional firm helping customers to do business in India with ease and assiting them to maiximize their bottom lines while being fully compliant with the laws of Goods & Services Tax (GST)."

We thrive hard to create a global growth company that enriches the lives of our employees, partners, and community.


Integrity: We are committed to honesty, sincerity, and professionalism in all of our words and actions.
Accountabilaty: We have a “can do” attitude while providing the best solutions and services. We take personal responsibility for our actions and results.
Building Connections: We value and maintain lasting relationships with our clients, employees, and community. We encourage and practice a positive work environment.

We love our clients, and we like to think they love us too.
From inception we loved to handle GST cases with ease.
We earned our reputation as a reliable tax consultant for businesses and individuals through its persistent commitment and a track record that speaks volumes of our credibility.
We have served small, medium and big businesses fight the fear of taxation phantom through sound consultation and on-time service delivery for years.
Proven Results
We bank on driving results. Our experienced and motivated professionals thrive on their deliverability and their unmatched ability to offer personalized solutions that are unique to your business needs.
Our Fee
While our service may not come cheap, we justify our charges through quality and value-for-money service. You can even ask for refund if you are dissatisfied with our services, even though we are sure you won't need to.